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Where shall I start?!?

Rhoda and the wedding nanny crew were beyond fantastic! I had my wedding. On 20th March and my intent was for all the parents to have an equally good time at the wedding rather than try entertain thier little ones. Wedding nanny was recommended by my venue and this was one of the bets decisions I could have made.
Rhoda and her team were fantastic with the kids, they had interactive games catering fro ages from 3-12 and all the kids had a fantastic time leaving thier parents to enjoy the function equally. Also have to comment the young gent and lady who looked after the kids, they were super polite and well mannered and overall a pleasure knowing our kiddie awete looked after by them. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to have a function, define tly money well spent!!

Thanks Rhoda and team


We used The Wedding Nanny SA for our Wedding and we were very pleased with the service provided as well as the personalised package they created for us. They are definitely very well priced. Using this service allowed the Mommy & Daddy guests to actually have a night off and enjoy themselves and I had a lot of good comments from the parents of the Children as well, especially that they were so thankful to have such a service available at our wedding. You won’t regret using them!


Hello Wedding Nanny en Span!

Baiebaiedankiedatjulle so mooina die kids gekyk het Saterdagaand, dankievir al die moeite en kykhullepraatnounogoor hoe fun was al die games… Dankieookaanjulledat die mammas en pappaslekkerkonkuier op onsspesiale dag xxxx

Sal julledefinitiefaanbeveelvirenige event of troue



Onswil net vir die wedding nanny span BAIE dankiesêvir die puikdiens by onstrouegister!
Die kiddiesklink of hulledit BAIE geniet het!
Julle is ñ PUIK verskafferwatvolgensons ñ BAIE UNIEKE diensbied.
SO bly en dankbaardatjulle span deelkonwees van onsspesiale dag❤


Onstroue was die 12de Oktober 2019

En wat n ongelooflikespannetjie… Die girls was so oulik en die kiddies het hlegelove.
Dankievirjulle… Onskon so lekkerkuier..
Ekbeveeljulle 💯 % aan!!

Thanks… Dit was die geld die moeitewerd.


Sal beslis Rhoda en the wedding nanny aanbeveelvirenigebruidwatopsoek is navermaakvir die kinders by haartroue!! Julle was uitstekend en onskrynounogkomplimenteoor hoe tevrede die ouers was en hoe Baie die kindersditgeniet het!! Baie dankie vir julle ongelooflike bydrae tot onstroue!!
Liefde die Jordaans


Waar begin ek? Van dag eenaf is Rhoda on a rol! Mensiejy is stunnigjullewerk is stunning en ekkonnievir n beterdiensgevra het nie. Die kiddies was sooo happy en mammas en pappas was net so gelukkig! Ekwil net se julle is AMAZEBALLS! Hulle het hulle gate uitgeniet en was nieeenkeerverveeldnie. Baiedankievirjouhardewerk en goeiemense! ❤️


Rhoda and her team did an amazing job!

The kids had a blast and so did the parents.

It’s an absolute must-have-service at your wedding


A huge Thank you to Rhoda and her team for going above and beyond to keep all the little ones happy and entertained at the wedding. They really really had such a blast. you guys were absolutely amazing with the little ones.


Wow wowwow… all the kids had so much fun at our wedding. I would recommend the Wedding Nanny to everyone for their wedding! Thank you so much for going the extra mile and taking such good care of my nieces and the other kids.